Events & talks

Forthcoming events:

What will survive of us…? A series of exhibitions and related discussions #ContinuingBonds :
Exchange Bar, Leicester, 4-7th May The Exchange
De Montfort University, 11-15th May De Montfort University
University of Leicester, 18-22nd May University of Leicester

TAG Theoretical Archaeology Group, University of Bradford, Dec 2015

Recent talks:

Karina Croucher, Ambiguous bodies in the Neolithic Near East, Neolithic Studies Group, the British Museum, London, Monday 3rd November 2014

Dying Matters flyer 14.05.14Hannah Cobb and Karina Croucher, ‘Emergent identities in archaeology: persons, practices, pedagogy’, Binary Bind session, European Association of Archaeologists, Sept 2014

Karina Croucher, ‘Continuing bonds: Contemporary theories of bereavement and their role in the analysis of mortuary remains’ European Association of Archaeologists, Sept 2014

‘Is gender still relevant?‘, University of Bradford, 16-17th Sept 2014

Karina Croucher, ‘Continuing bonds past and present: A reinterpretation of Southwest Asia’s Neolithic mortuary practices in light of contemporary theories of bereavement’. Engaging with the dead Conference. Durham, June 2014

Ellen Belcher and Karina Croucher, ‘Exchanges of Identity in Prehistoric Anatolian Figurines’. ICAANE (International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East), Basel, June 2014

Karina Croucher, ‘Continuing bonds: Skulls, burial and living with the dead’. Continuing Bonds: An exploration of death and legacy drawing on Richard III and archaeology of the dead. LOROS Hospice Leicester, 16th May 2014

Hannah Cobb and Karina Croucher, ‘Pedagogy, Practice and Diversity’. What’s new in British Archaeology Session, Institute for Archaeologists Conference, Glasgow, April 2014

Karina Croucher, ‘Living with the Dead: Mortuary Practices of the Neolithic Near East’. Associação Arqueológica do Algarve Algarve, Portugal, April 2014

Karina Croucher and Hannah Cobb, ‘Encouraging Diversity in Archaeology in the Future’. Women in Archaeology, York Archaeological Trust, York, March 2014

Karina Croucher, ‘Archaeological research and contemporary attitudes to death and dying‘, Poster (prize-winning), Palliative Care Congress, Harrogate, March 2014. Related article in Ehospice by Daniel Ward

Hannah Cobb and Karina Croucher, ‘Thatcherism, pedagogy and power’.  Archaeologies of Margaret Thatcher, Theoretical Archaeology Group, Bournemouth, December 2013


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